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Normal five players format. It is strongly recommended that teams register a minimum of six players to ensure they always have a full team and able to meet its financial obligations.

Individual fouls are not recorded but the seven (7) team foul rule applies.

A five second in the key rule applies.

Time outs can be called provided both teams agree (timing does not stop).

Referees can send a player off for a specified period of time (sin bin) and PlaySport Management reserves the right to impose further disqualifications for serious offences and there is no right of appeal.

A Technical foul is an automatic send off (no replacement) and a one game suspension. Abuse of a Referee and continually disputing a Referees decision is a Technical foul.

PlaySport Enterprises reserves the right to refuse entry to teams or individuals.

2×20 minute halves & 2 minutes half-time. Timing starts 2 minutes after the advised starting time.

In mixed games there must always be a minimum of 2 females and 2 males on the court per team at all times. Finger nail policy: nails must be cut short or covered with tape or glove.

Please be aware that it is illegal to HANG FROM THE BASKETBALL RING. Penalty: Indefinite ban from the Elphin Sports Centre and payment of any damage costs.

The Elphin Sports Centre is a SMOKE FREE ZONE and players are not to be under the INFLUENCE of ALCOHOL.

Playing Policies

Mixed Policy: 2 females and 2 males must be on the field at all times. It is recommended that each team have 3 females to fulfil this rule. Males must be aware of females and show restraint in their attack on the ball and in aggressively overguarding.

Fingernail Policy: Nails must be cut or covered with tape or glove

Referees: One referee is appointed for each game and they are the official scorer. Enquiries from qualified Referees are welcome.

Uniforms: A team uniform is encouraged. Coloured bibs are available to distinguish teams where appropriate.

Footwear: Non-marking sports shoes are essential

Fill-In Policy: A team must have four of its registered players to constitute a legal team to gain a result. Fill-ins can be used to assist a team but not in finals.

Finals: Top two ladder positions in each division play a Grand Final. Should scores be level at full time in a Grand Final, the first team to score after the jump ball wins. To be eligible for finals, teams must be debt free and players must be registered and have played a minimum of five rostered games with the team.

Points System

Point allocation for ladders:

  • Win/Bye = 3 pts
  • Draw = 1.5 pts
  • Loss = 1 pt
  • Forfeit = 0 pts

No points are awarded if the Playing Fee is not paid in full but points can be redeemed when the debt is cleared.